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Fall protection equipment. Buy in Kyiv and Ukraine
To ensure the safety of workers during high-altitude work, it is imperative to use special safety equipment developed. It is not only about the construction or maintenance of high-rise buildings, since the minimum height when working at which protection against falls from a height is required is only 1.3 meters. If the height is less, but work is carried out over water, uneven surfaces, working machines, safety equipment for protection is also necessary.

A fall from a great height almost always leads to injuries incompatible with life; according to statistics, high-altitude work is one of the most risky activities. Fall protection PPE is required in a wide variety of industries:

Repair of buildings, high-rise structures.
Maintenance of power lines.
Work in unsupported space, industrial mountaineering.
Inspection of wells, pits.
Rescue work.
Washing windows in multi-storey buildings.

Workers are required to use personal fall protection equipment if they are less than 2 meters from an unguarded edge at a height of 1.3 meters or more. Special protective equipment not only insures workers against falls or reduces the dynamic load if a fall occurs, but also keeps them from being on the edge of a tall building from which they can fall.

Not only in work activities they use protection against falls from a height, these insurances are actively bought by tourists, cavers, people who professionally or amateurly go in for mountaineering.
Fall protection: types and purpose of safety equipment
In the Yuasafeti online store you can buy a variety of protective equipment that is suitable for any type of activity:

Stationary insurance systems.
Webbing and strapless belts with and without vests. Their purpose is to protect against a fall from a height or to prevent falling into an area from which you can fall.
All kinds of carbines.
Evacuation systems, hanging seats, winches, descenders.
PPE when working at a height of the retractor type for descending workers into narrow spaces - tunnels, wells, pits and other work in difficult conditions.
Mobile protection systems on a rope or steel cable for vertical or horizontal belay.
Safety straps. The materials from which the slings are made depend on the scope of application - they can be refractory and non-refractory, single and double.
Fastening beams, hooks, brackets and other anchor devices and fasteners.

How to choose the right means of protection against falling from a height in Kyiv
Since their purpose is to save the lives of working personnel, the quality of the means of protection is of paramount importance - as well as the correct selection of insurance. This is not the kind of equipment that is worth saving on, and it certainly should not be neglected. This is especially true for people who work near the edge, they often rely on their dexterity, on their experience, but a strong gust of wind, dizziness or sand in their eyes is enough to stumble and fall.

All products that can be bought for protection against falls from a height on the Yuasafeti website have passed the necessary tests and have quality certificates, therefore, with the right choice and use, they guarantee the safety of personnel.

Each industry and each type of activity has its own special means of protection. It is necessary to select the type of insurance for the conditions of work. Products can be purchased individually or as a set, and not only their safety characteristics are important, but also getting into the size of workers. Protective equipment should not affect the maneuverability of personnel, should not hinder their movements.

The managers of our online store will help you decide what type of insurance is needed - to protect against a fall or to keep it from falling from a height and select the necessary protective equipment based on price preferences and the specifics of your activity.