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Means of protection of respiratory organs. Buy in Kyiv and Ukraine
When working in industry, in production, personnel often endanger the respiratory system, but these hazards are not always obvious. For example, the dust that is in the air after work is sometimes so microscopic that it is not visible to the eye, but if inhaled regularly, it will lead to chronic diseases that can appear years later.

Very often, workers realize the extent of the need for personal respiratory protection equipment only after they retire, finding that their health has been destroyed. After all, the worker himself cannot always notice the source of danger, some gases do not smell. Therefore, it is important to follow safety precautions, and if the type of activity implies the mandatory use of protective equipment, do not neglect them. Moreover, modern breathing PPE is quite comfortable and does not interfere with work.

The respiratory health hazards faced by workers in the industrial sector are quite diverse:

Soot from welding.
Smoke, burning.
Wood, concrete dust.
Chemical aerosols.
Harmful gases.
High temperatures.
Mercury fumes, paints, etc.

A special type of protection has been created for each type of threat, so you cannot choose a universal remedy for all occasions - you need to buy respiratory protection based on the specifics of the job.
Types of means for respiratory protection at work
They are divided according to their purpose and place of application, according to the degree of protection into:

Filter protection. Type of threats - dust, steam, gas. Suitable for use in rooms where the concentration of unsafe substances in the air exceeds 18%, but remains low. These can be gas masks, half masks or respirators for disposable or reusable use, without a valve or with a valve. Polluted air is purified by passing through special filters. Such protective equipment is not suitable if the concentration of harmful substances is unknown, and they cannot be used in narrow spaces such as tanks, containers, tunnels, etc.
Isolating personal respiratory protective equipment is designed to work in difficult conditions, with a high concentration of hazardous substances in the air, in narrow uncomfortable rooms, with low oxygen levels. These are protective masks and gas masks that completely cover the face. They do not pass air through filters, the worker breathes the air mixture coming from a liquefied oxygen cylinder, from blowers through hoses or from a regeneration cartridge. This respiratory protective device allows the worker not to contact with polluted air at all, but at the same time it can reduce his mobility, limit the viewing angle, and reduce hearing. Special training is required for the use of insulating protective equipment.

Choice of personal respiratory protective equipment
The site of the Yuasafeti online store contains a complete description of all available means of protection, but they are so numerous that it is not always easy to figure it out on your own. This can be done using the following algorithm:

It is important to determine the type of hazard against which protection is needed, as well as the degree of exposure to the hazardous substance.
It is necessary to know the properties of the source that pollutes the air - chemical and physical.
It is important to determine how long an employee will be in a room with polluted air.
The degree of concentration of a harmful substance is important - you need to know both the actual level of pollution and the permissible limit of a particular harmful substance.
The degree of physical activity of the worker who will need personal respiratory protection equipment, the expected speed of work.
Type of room, how spacious or confined it is, degree of visibility, possible traffic restrictions.

If you're having trouble choosing, contact Yuasafeti's experts to help you determine the type of throat and lung hazards your workers are dealing with and advise you on which PPE to buy to be safe and affordable.