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In order to prevent eye damage, special durable eye protection equipment is used, which are necessary in production, in any aggressive environment where a worker can easily injure his eyes with blinding rays, welding sparks, acid splashes, etc.

Goggles and shields are a mandatory part of the work uniform of welders, builders, explosives, miners, laboratory assistants in chemical and medical laboratories, surgeons, carpenters and even athletes - representatives of all professions whose scope of activity includes contact with electricity, chemical aerosols, blinding light, and also painting, crushing, welding, etc.
What types of threats are protected by personal eye protection
Since the eyes are easy to injure, and almost impossible to cure, the creation of the first technical means of eye protection, scientists attended to at the end of the century before last. At first they were uncomfortable, had too narrow a viewing angle and did not provide complete security. Wearing discomfort caused workers to refuse to wear PPE, resulting in injury.

When developing modern eye PPE, all these shortcomings were taken into account, as a result of which the personnel of industrial enterprises can use light, comfortable goggles and shields with protection against a wide variety of risks:

From burns during welding.
From caustic chemicals.
from mechanical damage.
From harmful light radiation.
From dust, fumes, smoke.
from thermal influences.
From large and small flying objects.
From rain and wind.

Assortment of protective equipment for the organs of vision in our catalog
On the website of the online store Yuasafeti, you can find industrial eye protection glasses that are suitable for long-term wear, do not bring discomfort, and can even correct vision. In order to select the right type of safety glasses, it is important to find out what kind of risks in the workplace the personnel will be dealing with.

Open glasses are suitable if eye protection is required only from the front and side. They have a wide angle of view, they do not fog up during operation. Some types of goggles provide the ability to change lenses to corrective ones with diopters.
Closed eye protection goggles are suitable for more dangerous work, they completely cover the eyes from all sides, they can cover part of the face, the bridge of the nose. The angle of view is slightly lower. The glasses of such glasses are coated with a special coating that reduces the degree of fogging, and ventilation is also used.
For welding protection, you need to buy professional durable eye protection with darkened filters. They are strong enough to protect the worker from the highest temperatures, sparks, block UV and IR radiation, passing only the part of the light spectrum that the worker needs. Such glasses and shields cover not only the eyes from all sides, but also most of the face.

Light filters can be built-in - it makes sense to buy such goggles if only one type of work is expected. To expand the working possibilities, you can choose such eye protection products that have viewing frames where glasses are inserted - then the filters can be replaced.

The type of work that can be performed in certain personal eye protection directly depends on the type of filters that they contain, not only the strength of the glasses is important. If you have to work with bright light, welding, darkening filters are enough, and if the employee is dealing with caustic aggressive substances, acids, alkalis, aerosols, glasses with a special coating are required to protect the eyes.
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If you are not sure which eye PPE is suitable for your activity, contact the managers of our online store. They will tell you in detail about the types of goggles, help determine the level of darkening of light filters and the degree of strength of the lenses. Prices for goggles or shields depend on the manufacturer, the materials used and the design of the protective equipment.