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Buy safety shoes in Kyiv, Ukraine. Working summer shoes
The main purpose of protective work shoes is to ensure the safety of workers in production, since not only the preservation of the health of workers, but also the overall efficiency of the labor process depends on this. It is the responsibility of the employer to buy and issue safety shoes to the staff. Safety shoes must be durable and of high quality to guarantee protection against the typical risks faced by industrial workers:

From mechanical influences, foot strikes, sole puncture.
From harmful liquids, oils, alkalis.
From oil products, fats, toxic substances.
from radioactive radiation.
From frostbite and hot surfaces.
From electric current and other threats.

You can buy work shoes in Kyiv for workers in the medical field, the chemical industry, the military and rescuers, welders and electricians, builders and installers.
How to choose work shoes
When choosing, the following criteria should be considered:

Protective functions. The main task of safety shoes is to ensure safety. Modern materials from which it is made reduce the risk of injury at work. The top of safety shoes is sewn from genuine leather - it is durable, strong, tear-resistant. In front of the boots and boots there is a metal toe cap that will protect the foot from falling heavy objects, from impacts. The soles of safety shoes are made of lightweight materials that are springy when walking and do not slip.
Comfort. In Ukraine, you can buy safety shoes with comfortable anatomical insoles that allow workers to stay on their feet for a long time without getting tired. It is important to buy work shoes that fit, as work boots that are too big or small have a bad effect on the coordination and attention of workers and provoke work injuries.
wear resistance. Protective work shoes are bought with the expectation of more than one season, they should serve for a long time. Therefore, the quality of the materials from which it is sewn is of great importance. When choosing work equipment, you should not stop at the cheapest price safety shoes, they can quickly break and do not always have the declared protective functions.

The range of safety shoes in the Yuasafeti catalog
To find and buy the necessary safety shoes in Kyiv, you need to take into account the scope of activity, since different types of work shoes are needed for different professions. For example, for electricians, you need to buy work boots or boots that are resistant to electric current, and for doctors or chemical laboratory specialists, comfortable clogs that do not slip on a wet floor are better suited.

The Yuasafeti online store offers a wide range of safety shoes:

Insulated footwear from high-quality genuine leather with a lining of warm faux fur and a special water-repellent impregnation.
Rubber safety shoesworn by anglers, electricians, refinery and agricultural workers. It is resistant to electric current, oils, acids, petroleum products.
Demi-season safety footwear with durable metal toe caps that protect against mechanical impacts, impacts, static loads, oil products and other contaminants.
Heat resistant work boots with a Kevlar insole for work in rooms with high and low temperatures. Degree of protection S3 HRO SRC. Suitable for use on surfaces with temperatures from -20°C to +300°C.
Safety shoes, clogs for employees of research institutes, food industry, health workers, chemists, cleaning and HoReCa. Made from lightweight, breathable materials, you can stay on your feet all day long without feeling uncomfortable.

Buy high-quality safety shoes in Kyiv
The Uasafeti website presents the highest quality work shoes that are suitable for all areas of activity and for any season. You can buy safety shoes at a bargain price wholesale and retail from domestic and imported brands, which fully complies with the declared characteristics and international standards.