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Company UASAFETY LLC (UAS) produces high-quality protective equipment, and also carries out import and sale of PPE in Ukraine. AT our catalog more than 2000 items of professional PPE and modern corporate uniforms are presented, including from world famous brands:

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Chemical protective clothing / Protection against exposure to hazardous substances / Production of overalls - antibacterial protection.

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How to distinguish an original from a fake / Insulated overalls - Personal protective equipment for working at low temperatures / Standards / Quality / Choice

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About company

Uasafety LLC - Manufacturer and supplier PPE in Ukraine

Uasafety LLC specializes in professional workwear and personal protective equipment that ensures the comfort and safety of workers in any field of production, industry and services.

Main activities Uasafety:

  • import of high quality PPE,
  • working clothes and footwear,
  • dielectric PPE,
  • high-altitude mounting equipment,
  • installation and maintenance of the Loto locking system,
  • introduction and testing of safety systems when working at height.

We are constantly studying the workwear and PPE market, and we can provide our customers with the most modern and high-quality products.

Professional overalls – Personal protective equipment for personnel and an element of the corporate brand

UASAFETY LLC in Ukraine is engaged in the supply PPE and overalls for builders, welders, foundry workers, oil workers, doctors, cleaning industry workers, employees of chemical and medical laboratories:

  • Means of protection for high-rise works.
  • Winter, summer and demi-season working uniform.
  • Respiratory PPE.
  • Summer and insulated safety work shoes.
  • Protective products for the skin of the hands and face.
  • Work gloves and mittens to protect hands.
  • PPE for eyes, face, head, hearing, etc.

Company advantages Uasafety

  • High quality. Our catalog contains PPE and overalls of medium and premium classes, as well as high-quality budget options that not only provide reliable protection for workers, but also guarantee a long service life while maintaining all protective qualities and appearance.
  • Professionalism. Yuasafeti employs specialists who can not only advise customers on the range of products, but also talk about the mandatory protective equipment required for a particular activity.
  • Convenient delivery terms. We deliver orders to our customers in the shortest possible time in the most convenient ways.
  • Reliability. The range of personal protective equipment in the Yuasafeti catalog is certified and meets all international standards.
  • Acceptable prices. We provide high-quality, modern, stylish products of different price levels, from budget options to premium products.
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On the website of UAS LLC, you can buy modern personal protection equipment at retail or wholesale, as well as branded overalls for working in different temperature conditions, providing protection against any production risks. A wide price range and size range will allow you to choose the perfect personal protection option that meets the most stringent requirements of customers.

Our managers will take into account your preferences, the specifics of your company's activities and recommend the best personal protective equipment that has passed all the necessary tests and meets the requirements of world standards.