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      Explosion-proof and tactical flashlights
      Compact lighting devices, explosion-proof and tactical lights are necessary in many areas of activity. They are used when working at night, in smoky spaces, in completely dark rooms, or where natural light is limited. People use flashlights in everyday life, they are in demand among tourists, speleologists, and travelers.

      Strict requirements are imposed on modern tactical and explosion-proof flashlights:

      They should be light enough so that the worker can use the lighting device without strain for a long time.
      The flashlight should lie comfortably in the hand, or have high-quality convenient mounts to wear it on a helmet or a weapon barrel.
      If the device is used in fire hazardous situations, it must be heat-resistant, fully protected from thermal and chemical influences.
      Of great importance is the power of the device, as well as battery life.
      Tactical flashlights must have a strong housing, as they are often used to break glass or as a protective tool.

      Assortment of flashlights in the Yuasafeti catalog

      If the luminaire is used in a situation where fire, explosions, exposure to high temperatures, contact with flammable chemicals are possible, it is necessary to purchase an explosion-proof lamp. The same applies to work in rooms where gas leakage or escaping is possible. In this case, not only light weight and high lighting power are important - there must be a durable, sealed, heat-resistant housing.
      Tactical flashlights, in addition to the main lighting task, have an additional one - they help the owner aim, or blind the enemy with a directed beam. They can also have a strobe mode - this is a flickering light that disorients the attacker. Such devices are widely used in military affairs, in security activities, for self-defense. If a tactical flashlight needs to be attached to the barrel of a weapon, you need to buy a device that has special mounts or magnets for fixing it to metal structures.

      If you need a powerful bright light, you should pay attention to tactical flashlights that use American CREE® LEDs. These are light LEDs of different power, which do not make the device heavier, give a strong light beam and at the same time have a low price, without forcing buyers to overpay.
      How to choose which explosion-proof or tactical flashlight to buy - rechargeable or battery-powered
      Each type has its own advantages:

      Cordless explosion-proof and tactical flashlights are powerful enough and give a strong bright light beam. Some types of rechargeable LED flashlights are capable of providing beams with a brightness of up to 1750 lumens and shine at 550 meters. These are ideal devices for firefighters who work in high smoke conditions for long periods of time. The service life of the LED rechargeable flashlight is increased thanks to removable additional batteries.
      Tactical flashlights can be powered by AA or AA batteries. These are lighter and more powerful lighting devices that can be mounted on a protective helmet using a forehead strap or special mounts.

      Purchase and delivery of tactical and explosion-proof flashlights in Ukraine
      Before you buy a tactical or explosion-proof flashlight, you need to decide in what conditions it will be used, what power is required, the beam length and operating time. If an emergency is likely to occur, a flashlight should be selected that can provide a dim beam of light for a long time. And if an employee needs to see both distant and nearby objects at the same time, a lighting device with a double glow mode will do.

      Managers of the Yuasafeti online store will give a free consultation on the characteristics of all tactical and explosion-proof flashlights presented in the catalog, answer any clarifying questions and help you make the best choice.