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Overalls - work clothes wholesale and retail
To protect personnel from occupational hazards, it is necessary to use special work clothing that is designed to protect workers from any type of hazard associated with their profession. Workwear is used in various fields of activity:

In the construction industry.
In industry.
in the woodworking industry.
In medicine.
In chemical and pharmacological laboratories.
In the oil industry and many others.

In Ukraine, strict requirements are imposed on work clothing - it must comply with GOST, be comfortable, durable, wear-resistant and practical.

An equally important requirement is a presentable appearance. Those times when people wore shapeless clothes to work, which you don’t feel sorry for, are a thing of the past. Modern workwear is not only bright and light, but also has a stylish fashionable design, which is why it is used not only to protect the life and health of people, but also as an element of corporate style.
Workwear designed to protect against various types of threats

From basic threats - mechanical impacts, shocks, falls of heavy objects.
Corrosive poisonous liquids (alkalis, oils, acids).
Electric current.
Extreme high and extremely low temperatures.
Pollution, dust.
Radiation exposure.
Hot metal splashes, sparks during welding.

To make workers more visible in dark rooms, at night, near roads and highways, during fog or heavy snow, special bright overalls with reflective elements are used.

A worker dressed in a high-quality, well-tailored uniform is more trusted by customers, so the staff in overalls looks more professional and knowledgeable. And a company that dresses its workers in the same overalls earns more respect from customers.
What is work protective clothing
Depending on the type of activity, you need to purchase different overalls. Sometimes you need to buy work clothes in a set, and sometimes one or two items are enough. In Ukraine, overalls differ in purpose - that is, for which part of the body it was created, and by the type of risks from which it protects. The main types of overalls that you can buy in the Yuasafeti online store:

Special shoes, boots, boots, shoe covers for protecting the feet.
Gloves and mittens to protect hands.
Thermal underwear.
Helmets, helmets, masks, earmuffs for face and head protection.
Waterproof and moisture-repellent work clothes.
Working overalls, trousers, jackets, suits.

Workwear has a seasonal purpose

Insulated winter work clothes that do not get wet and keep warm in strong winds and temperatures up to 20 ° C.
Lightweight, durable summer work clothes that protect against overheating and are well ventilated.
Demi-season protective overalls - should be easy to clean and at the same time not lose color and shape, have moisture-repellent properties.

How to choose and buy protective clothing in Kyiv
It is the responsibility of the employer to purchase protective work clothes for production, so the easiest way is to buy overalls in bulk for all staff. But workwear is often bought for personal use, it is in great demand among farmers, people who run their own households, are engaged in construction, among hunters, tourists and fishermen.

The price of work clothes depends on the brand, on the materials from which they are sewn and on the type of production risks from which they provide protection. Very high-quality work clothes are sewn in Ukraine, so it is not necessary to buy expensive work clothes from foreign manufacturers.

Overalls, which you can buy in the online store Yuasafeti in Kyiv, meet all state and international quality standards and have a presentable appearance. If you do not know what protective clothing to choose, Yuasafeti managers will select the overalls that are best suited for your activities and at the best price.