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Personal skin protection equipment, dermatological PPE.
All kinds of contaminants, harmful and toxic substances that industrial workers have to deal with can affect more than just their eyes or lungs. In contact with the skin, they penetrate the human body and cause severe occupational diseases. Statistically, skin diseases account for about 70% of occupational ailments.

Workers who regularly have to deal with aggressive substances of various types must necessarily use dermatological skin protection means before and after work. Modern products are very effective and have been developed with all typical work hazards in mind:

Paints and varnishes.
Oils and grease.
Metal salts.
Dust, soot.
Acids and alkalis.
Chemical dyes and aerosols.
UV rays, welding radiation, etc.

Using quality dermatological PPE, a person can protect himself from the adverse effects of aggressive substances, they also help to clean hands from the most difficult stains. Besides protection against dirt and harmful substances, dermatological PPE help to avoid frostbite or sunburn, protect skin ideally when working in hard weather conditions, allowing it not to crack in frost and not to dry out in rooms with low air humidity.

Most of those who work in factories are men, who are not used to using creams and gels. But the dermatological means of personal skin protection is not a whim, they are no less important than the working clothes.
The range of SSRI creams in the Yuasafety catalog
Professional protective creams can be universal or have a specific task. In our online store you can buy SSIZ for different working moments:

Universal protective creams, which are applied to clean skin prior to work, on all exposed areas of the body. The protective cream seals the skin, protecting it from both mechanical stress and harmful substances.
Lotions with an antifungal effect.
Cleansing creams and pastes that do not corrode the skin, but perfectly cope with any impurities. Soft professional products do not contain soap, may contain solvent and gentle abrasives, and can remove paint, varnish, glue, tar, graphite, metal chips and other difficult to remove substances. For convenience, you can buy cleaning DSHS in the form of a paste or liquid gel. They do not leave a sticky film on the skin, which often causes irritation in men.
Restorative creams are used after the work is done and after cleansing of impurities. They are quickly absorbed, help the skin restore fat, water balance, make the skin more elastic. The use of professional DSIZ creams allows the skin to regenerate faster, increases barrier functions, and they are used for both the body and face.

How to buy professional skin protection in Kiev
First of all, you need to determine what chemicals, types of pollution and weather conditions will be dealing with an employee. If the company is small, or if a skin regenerating or regenerating cream for personal use, you can choose to buy a pack of small amounts – 250 ml or liter. For large production facilities, you should buy buckets or canisters of 10 liters of SSIZ, which is more economical and convenient.

Managers of Yuasafety online store will tell you about properties of all skin protectors and advise which one is more suitable for your enterprise. Also in our catalog you can find convenient dispensers for creams and gels, they allow you to spend them more economically.