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TRIARMA INDUSTRY II helmet with UHF element, non-vented + ratchet Art.FT2706


SOMZ-55 Favori®T RAPID helmet


SOMZ-55 Favori®T helmet


ROSOMZ SOMZ-55 Favorit Hammer helmet for miners with chin strap


SOMZ-55 VISION® ZEN® safety helmet


SOMZ-55 VISION® ®RAPID helmet with chin strap


Chin strap for STANDARD helmet


Shakhtar Helmet


Universal safety helmet “STANDARD” (made by Promsiz Ltd.)


SOMZ-55 Favorit Hammer RAPID mining helmet with chin strap


Safety helmet “Universal”


TRIARMA INDUSTRY helmet I without ventilation + ratchet Art.FT2701


TRIARMA INDUSTRY II helmet with ventilation + ratchet Art.FT2706


Chin strap for “Universal” and “Shakhtar” helmets


SOMZ-55 Favori®T Trek® protective helmet


SOMZ-55 Favori®T Termo helmet with belt


Protective helmets. Construction helmets. Buy a work helmet.
PPE head and hard hats are essential elements of the working equipment for representatives of many professions. A construction helmet is needed when there is a risk of hitting the head with a heavy object, electric shock, burns from welding sparks or metal spatter.

One third of head injuries are caused by side impacts, especially if you have to work in narrow tunnels, cramped premises or observation ditches. A construction helmet is indispensable when working with industrial equipment that has protruding parts.

Special head protection is necessary for workers in various industries:

Oil & gas industry.
Maintenance and repair of equipment.

Special head PPE is also necessary for speleologists, motorcyclists, people who are engaged in equestrian sports.
How to choose which protective construction helmet to buy
In the online store Yuasafety you can buy construction helmets that are suitable for any activity, as well as buy the necessary additional equipment. Head PPE is divided by its qualities into protective equipment for:

Electrical installation work.
High-rise work, construction work.
For work at very high or low temperatures.
For metallurgy, welding work.

The choice of protective helmet should be based on the type of hazards with which workers are dealing. If there is a risk of a heavy blunt object falling on the head, you need one type of helmet, and if there is a possibility of hitting the head with a sharp object, for example, a board with a nail – then the other type.

How much does a construction helmet cost depends on its modification, the quality of the case material, the possibility to attach glasses to the case, as well as on a complete set – for example, the availability of a flashlight or helmet cover. The manufacturer also has a great influence.
An important factor for a hard hat is its color.
The color indicates the status of the employee, and if there are a lot of employees at the plant, you can tell who is who at a glance.

White safety helmets are usually worn by management personnel, such as chiefs and inspectors.
Orange helmets are for journeymen, handymen, service personnel.
Red – foremen, masters, that is key professionals.

Other colors (blue, green) have no strict regulations, their purpose depends only on the employer.
Head protection must be comfortable
Comfort is affected by the type and quality of internal equipment, the material from which the body of the product is made, and, of course, the right size. If the helmet is not the right size or not well secured, it will hang loose on the head and will not provide workers with the proper protection. If you can not try on a construction helmet before you buy it, it is worth choosing protective equipment with a size adjuster.

If you have to work in the sun or in a closed hot room, it is better to buy a construction helmet with ventilation, it will allow the head of the employee does not overheat. It is not only about comfort, but also the quality and productivity of work in difficult conditions.

Head protection equipment is made of very durable materials, but despite this, they must be regularly inspected for cracks, and periodically renewed, especially after a blow. In the presence of cracks, fractures, dents in the body, full protection is no longer guaranteed.
How to buy a construction helmet in Kiev
Specialists of our online store will tell you about the features of all models presented in the catalog of Yuasafety and will help you to choose the one which will suit best for your activity. A wide price range allows you to pick up a construction helmet at the right price. Also on the Yuasafeti website you can buy quality related products that are used in the kit – such as helmets, goggles and chin straps.