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Рукавицы брезентовые с двойным наладонником ОП


Перчатки хлопчатобумажные с брезентовым наладонником ОП


TRIARMA CLS Extra Nitrile 45 Prochem gloves / K80Sh50 /


TRIARMA CLS neoprene gloves Super Neoprene 70 Prochem / K80Sh50 /


TRIARMA latex household gloves Household Prochem / K20Sh20 /


TRIARMA CLS latex gloves Heavy Industry 80 Prochem / K80Sh50 /


TRIARMA latex Heavy Industry 120 Prochem gloves / K80Sh50 /


TRIARMA nitrile glove with incomplete coating / NBR 1230 /


TRIARMA UNIVERSAL PLUS double liner gloves / CLS-215B /


Latex household gloves HHL501 / K20Sh20 /


TRIARMA PU1350P-BLK polyester coated gloves (black)


TRIARMA CLS neoprene gloves Super Neoprene 70 / K80Sh50 /


TRIARMA welder’s gloves with elbow greaves / CSW002-R /


Ambulance High Risk latex gloves


STARLINE heat-resistant cotton gloves with nitrile dot 250′ / 636250


TRIARMA anti-cut gloves / HCR275 /


STARLINE anti-cut gloves / Level 3 / E-53


TRIARMA anti-cut gloves / Level 5 / double nitrile coated / DY1350DC-H /


TRIARMA Nylon Gloves with Nitrile Coating / NY1355-R / BLK


TRIARMA Nylon Armbands / SKD007 / 38cm / Level 5 cut resistant




TRIARMA nylon gloves with PU coating and three fingers touch screen PU1850T-HY


TRIARMA nylon ESD gloves with PU coating PU20.07P


TRIARMA nylon ESD gloves with PU finger coating PU20.07F


Hand protection equipment – Hand and Arm Protection – Buy Work Gloves – PPE
Work in industrial production facilities without the proper protective equipment – an injury, and very often the workers hurt their hands. Therefore, the use of special means to protect the hands – gloves, mittens – must. Robust work gloves help protect hands from injuries, cuts, scratches, electrical shock, and dangerous corrosive liquids and acids. Hands are the primary work tool in the workplace and any injuries can lead to work stoppages and reduced productivity.

For personnel of industrial enterprises PPE gloves are more profitable to buy in bulk, but they are often bought at retail for personal use as well. Special means of hand protection are needed for construction and repair work in the country house, for cleaning, painting and excavation work. Rag and rubber gloves and special mittens protect from dirt, dust, cuts, chemical sprays. For private use it is better to buy universal hand protection, which can protect against frost, dirt and scratches.

Modern hand protectors are made of quality and durable materials, natural and synthetic. They help to reduce hand fatigue at work, do an excellent job of performing protective functions and fit comfortably on the hand.
Our range of protective gloves
At the Yuasafety online store you will find a wide range of hand protection, both universal and for specific jobs:

Rugged hand PPE with protection against punctures, scratches, cuts. Various degrees of protection. Special material maintains excellent tactile sensitivity, making the gloves ideal for delicate precision work.
Heat-resistant gloves that protect the hands from open flame, protect against light injuries, metal splashes, welding sparks, etc. Can be used at temperatures up to 100°C.
Insulated work gloves allow you to work for a long time in cold rooms, in sub-zero temperatures outdoors, as well as move cold objects without the risk of frostbite.
Dielectric rubber and latex protective gloves for electric shock protection.
Gloves and gloves for light work with or without coating, made of canvas, cotton, jersey, designed to protect against dirt and minor mechanical damage.
Gloves for heavy-duty work against mechanical damage. Very durable, giving excellent protection against punctures and cuts while maintaining a high tactile sensitivity.
Rubber-coated, anti-vibration gloves for use with hydraulics, jackhammers, rotary hammers, electric actuators, etc.

Hand protection in rubber, latex and neoprene. These materials perfectly protect hands from acids, alkaline solutions, toxic substances, minerals, aerosols, gasoline, paints, etc. If a worker has an allergy to latex, it is worth buying hand protection on a natural cotton lining.

How to choose and buy PPE hands in Kiev
First of all, you must determine what hazardous substances or mechanical hazards the employee will be dealing with. Yuasafety catalog presents a huge selection of all kinds of special hand protectors that are suitable for any type of activity. If you are hesitant about which hand protection equipment to choose, please contact our experts, they will tell you about the features and characteristics of different types of work gloves, and will help you choose the right size.

Prices for work gloves are low, their purchase will not be a burden on the budget, and thanks to the quality of modern materials, work gloves will last a long time, without losing their protective functions.